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Newborn Screening Ontario
Health Care Providers

Ordering Supplies

Here is some helpful information about how to access newborn screening supplies.

Ordering Newborn Screening Supplies

VWR International provides logistics and distribution services for newborn screening dried bloodspot collection cards and biliary atresia screening infant stool colour cards (ISCC). These supplies are free and do not have a shipping fee. To order an appropriate supply of both types of cards through VWR you will need to provide the following information:

  • Account number: if you do not have an account number please contact us.
  • Catalogue number and quantity of packages required (each package contains 25 cards)
    • Dried bloodspot collection cards
      •  CATX89013-658 CHEO 903 BLOOD COLLECT FORM – 25.
    • Biliary atresia screening infant stool colour cards (ISCC)
      • TXCAPLT1012CEO Infant Stool Colour Cards
  • Relevant contact and shipping information: for example your name, department and location in the hospital.

Ordering dried bloodspot collection cards alone does not automatically order infant stool colour cards (ISCC). It is important to also order an equivalent or higher number of ISCC each time you order dried bloodspot collection cards.

There are several ways you can order your cards from VWR:

  • Phone: (800) 932-5000 You will need a purchase order number for tracking purposes. If you do not have access to formal purchase order number, please create one and keep a record of it.
  • E-mail: E-mail your order to this address and be sure it contains the information as specified above.
  • Online: Please visit the VWR website and create a profile by clicking the "Register" button. You’ll need your account number to do this and it may take up to 3 days before you receive final notification that your web account has been established.

If you have any problems with ordering or need any further information, please contact us.

Ordering Purolator Supplies

Instructions for how to order Purolator shipping supplies can be found here. Please note that the shipping supplies used for newborn screening changed in December 2020; please use the red Express Packs with the corresponding "H+" sticker to ship newborn screening samples. Please note that you cannot order Purolator supplies through VWR.

Ordering Newborn Screening Educational Materials

Please visit our Screening Resources page to access our parent education materials, including our pamphlet, poster and video about newborn screening. 

You can also order print copies of our pamphlet (publication #018583) and poster (publication #026878) in English and French free-of-charge through Service Ontario  Publications.