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Newborn Screening Ontario
Health Care Providers

Submitter Bulletins

We send periodic bulletins to submitters to keep them updated on screening and practices. If you are a health care provider and would like to subscribe to our e-mail distribution list or are looking to access older bulletin archives, please contact us.

2023-7 September, 2023 Shipping reminders for two upcoming holiday weekends
2023-6 June, 2023 Upcoming holiday weekend and new video regarding transfusions and dried blood spot collection
2023-5 June, 2023 New educational resources, out of country results requests, and ordering dried blood spot and stool colour cards.
2023-4 May, 2023 Upcoming information session about accessing newborn screening results in OLIS via a clinical viewer
2023-3 April, 2023 Upcoming holiday weekend, NSO workshop series, and faxing results
2023-2 February, 2023 Additional information about screening for biliary atresia
2023-1 January, 2023 Screening for biliary atresia
2022-5 December, 2022 Newborn screening over the holidays
2022-4 September, 2022 Screening for GAMT deficiency and biliary atresia
2022-3 September, 2022 Screening for Guanidinoacetate Methyltransferase (GAMT) Deficiency
2022-2 August, 2022 Packed red blood cell transfusions and upcoming changes to the newborn screening report.
2022-1 April, 2022 Long weekend shipping reminders, general updates about ordering supplies and card completion