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Newborn Screening Ontario
Health Care Providers


During the CCHD rollout in 2017, Newborn Screening Ontario (NSO) sent periodic newsletters with important information to assist with the implementation of screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) in Ontario. NSO no longer sends out CCHD newletters. Any communications regarding CCHD screening are communicated via the NSO submitter bulletins. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the submitter bulletin distribution list.

Newsletter Date


2018-1 February 16, 2018 Communication to physicians, equipment, heart month.


December 21, 2017 CCHD screening uptake, CCHD results card reminders, NSO follow-up, holiday schedule. 


October 12, 2017

Implementation update and equipment recommendations.


July 10, 2017 Ordering newborn screening cards with CCHD screening results page
2017-3 June 2, 2017 Newborn screening cards with CCHD results page, equipment reminder
2017-2 April 21, 2017 Pulse oximeter standards and funding for equipment, new resources on the NSO website, phase 2 update 
2017-1 February 10, 2017 Update on CCHD screening phased roll-out, equipment information
2016-4 December 21, 2016 Education resources on the NSO website, launch kits
2016-3 December 9, 2016 Building your organization’s CCHD pulse oximetry screening policy/program, equipment information
2016-2 November 18, 2016 Recommendations for CCHD screening, CCS/CPCA position statement on pulse oximetry screening in newborns
2016-1 October 26, 2016 NSO will be adding CCHD to the newborn screening panel