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Newborn Screening Ontario
Biliary Atresia Screening

Education Resources

Education Resources

We encourage front line health professionals in Ontario to use the following resources to train staff involved with distributing infant stool colour cards (ISCCs) and educating families about biliary atresia screening. 

Title Description
Biliary Atresia Screening: Information for Frontline Health Professionals

This presentation discusses biliary atresia (BA), screening for BA in Ontario, your role as a frontline health professional and how you can help families screen, and supportive resources that NSO will make available to you.

Frontline Education Script A script intended to help clinical staff educate parents and deliver key biliary atresia screening messages. This also contains information for newborns admitted to hospital.
Frontline Training Tool A tool to enhance familiarity with screening and key messages. Answers are in the Frontline Education Script. (colour printing recommended)
BA Screening Protocol An overall screening protocol.
BA Screening Protocol Admitted Newborns A specific guideline for screening admitted infants.
Admitted Infant Tip Sheet Additonal information for the admitted infant.


Information Session for Front Line Health Professionals

We encourage you to watch the following presentation about biliary atresia screening in Ontario. This presentation discusses:

  • Biliary atresia (BA)
  • Screening for BA in Ontario
  • Your role as a front line health professional and how you can help families screen
  • Supportive resources that NSO will make available to you

You can view the presentation below. Alternatively, you can use this link to view the presentation on our YouTube channel. A PDF copy of the presentation is linked above with answers to questions that were asked during the live session.